Headset Upgrade Kit Benefits

No More Pain

Your blood keeps flowing, so there’s no more ischemia, or "hot spots." We don’t make the pain "better;" the SoftTop® Headset Cushion and SoftSeal® Ear Cushions make the pain go away! Headset pain is a result of localized blood loss, caused by inadequately sized ear seal openings, unyielding surfaces and sharp edges that come in contact with the human body. Our Upgrade eliminates these problems.

Reduced Overall Sound Pressure

A reduced overall sound pressure of 5dB is achieved by installing the energy dampening HushKit® Passive Ear Cup Noise Attenuation Kit (noise is energy). Noise also is reduced by decoupling the speakers from the Ear Cup structure, so when installing the Oregon Aero® Upgrade, don’t remount the speaker with screws — let the speaker float in the foam. This will stop the mechanical noise bridge created by hard mounting the speaker to the Ear Cup.

Improved Intelligibility

"Intelligibility" means how well you UNDERSTAND what you hear. The HushKit® Passive Ear Cup Noise Attenuation Kit is particularly effective in the speech frequency of 700-7000 Hz, where intelligibility is reduced because of background noise and where noise induced hearing loss most often occurs. Testing data confirm our Upgrade’s noise dampening benefits.

Improved Transmission Clarity

Improved transmission clarity is a design feature of the MicMuff® Microphone Cover, which functions as a microphone acoustic baffle. For a complete explanation, see "Why Do I Have Such a Hard Time Communicating…". Now others understand YOU better!

Cool, Dry Ear Seals

Tired of perspiration running down your neck? Place our SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers over our SoftSeal® Ear Cushions. The SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers are made of a perspiration-wicking fabric which draws the perspiration away from the skin where it then evaporates.