Headset Upgrade Kits

The Ultimate In Flying Comfort™

The five-component Upgrade Kit developed piece-by-piece, as we continued to identify factors that cause headset pain and noise. Ignore any one factor and the headset likely will be as uncomfortable as it ever was. By installing all five components, every issue is addressed and none is left unresolved.

What Do I Get When I Upgrade My Aviation Headset?

  • No More Pain
  • Reduced Overall Sound Pressure
  • Improved Intelligibility
  • Improved Transmission Clarity
  • Cool, Dry Ear Seals

Complete Headset UpgradeOregon Aero understands how headsets need to function. We also understand the problems and pain headset users experience, why the problems exist, and how to solve them. Read more about the features and benefits of upgrading your aviation headset with Oregon Aero.

Oregon Aero® Headset Upgrades fly in military, law enforcement, medevac, aerobatic, forest service, and warbird aircraft, with 100% success.

Read more about the benefits of a Headset Upgrade from Oregon Aero and see our FAQ section for Headset Upgrades for more information.

The World's Greatest Headset Is the One You Already Own!®
--With an Oregon Aero® Upgrade