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  Oregon Aero has combined our experience designing Painless, Safer and Quieter™ products with our manufacturing skills and knowledge of energy-absorbing materials to make it safer at work. With the distraction of pain eliminated, you can focus your attention on the job at hand.
  "As an orthopedic surgeon, I have tried numerous insoles from closed cell foam to gels to custom molded innersoles. I have never experienced the instant and lasting comfort from any other product that I get from ShockBlockers® (Insole Inserts). From the first step, I was aware of the difference. At the end of a long day on my feet, the comfort and shock absorbency persist. They fit easily into my shoes and, surprisingly, are even comfortable when worn without socks."
— Eliott Schiffman, M.D.

Occupational Safety & Health Products

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Oregon Aero, Inc.— the leader in designing and manufacturing Painless, Safer and Quieter® products for the military, aviation and aerospace industries — has added to its line of Occupational Safety & Health (OS&H) products for people who work in physically demanding environments, such as construction workers, maintenance and public utility workers, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many others.

Oregon Aero’s OS&H products:
• Eliminate pain
• Reduce shock to joints
• Enhance performance by reducing fatigue
• Help prevent injury and reduce injury-related expenses for businesses

Take Away the Distraction of Helmet Pain With
Our Industrial Helmet Upgrade Kit

The Oregon Aero® Zeta-C™ Universal Upgrade Kit fits a wide range of helmets and other types of protective headgear. The innovative upgrade kit includes everything you need to make occupational and recreational headgear pain-free, dramatically more stable and cooler.

The Zeta-C™ upgrade eliminates painful pressure points and “hot spots” by equalizing the load throughout the headgear’s existing cushioning or suspension system. The kit’s three pads are custom-designed from a temperature- and pressure-sensitive composite material that molds itself to your head and improves stability. The pads’ self-wicking proprietary fabric promotes evaporation of sweat, creating cooler, drier headgear.

Kit includes two 10" x 1-1/2" pads, one 8-1/2" x 1-1/2" pad and adhesive-backed hook/loop material to easily attach the pads to your headgear’s existing cushioning or suspension system. Also included are two alcohol swabs and installation instructions. Upgrading requires no tools or modifications to the headgear and takes only a few minutes. It is called the “Universal Upgrade Kit” because it can be used to upgrade most types of protective headgear.

Once the Zeta-C™ Universal Upgrade Kit is installed, you will forget that it’s there, but you will remember the headgear’s dramatically improved comfort and stability. With headgear pain eliminated, you can focus on the task at hand.

Click here
for more information or to purchase a kit.

Worker Knee Pads and Kneeling Pad Offer
Comfort and Durability

Use Oregon Aero™ Worker Knee Pads in the knee pockets of work pants and overalls as well as in other types of uniforms that incorporate the same internal knee pocket feature. These durable pads offer a high level of comfort and permit a full range of motion in any position. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Knee Pad Pockets are sold separately to easily add to your existing pants that have no built-in knee pockets.

For more information about our Worker Knee Pads, Call Oregon Aero 800-888-6910.

Our Universal Folding Kneeling Pad dramatically reduces knee pain experienced by employees who work on their knees, including maintenance and public utility workers, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many others. A combination of pressure- and temperature-sensitive visco-elastic foam is at the core of the Kneeling Pad. Unlike poly-foam pads that bottom out under pressure, the custom designed Kneeling Pad spreads the weight load which eliminates pressure points that cause pain.

Click Here for more information about our Universal Folding Kneeling Pad.


The most common complaint from people who work on their feet all day is painful feet, ankles and knees. From construction and assembly line workers to postal carriers and waitresses, sore feet and joints can make a long day even longer. Our patented ShockBlockers® Insole Inserts dramatically reduce shock to feet and joints, prevent blisters and make the hours spent on your feet more bearable.

Explains Mike Dennis of Oregon Aero, “When we stand, walk or run, we generate shock, which is mechanical energy. This shock can cause pain as well as stone bruises, shin splints and compression fractures. The goal of our ShockBlockers® Insole Inserts is to reduce the negative effect of this mechanical energy.

ShockBlockers® Insole Inserts combine innovative designs and materials to eliminate foot and joint pain. With foot and joint pain dramatically reduced or completely removed, you will feel better and be more productive on the job.

Click Here to choose the right insert for you!

Don’t Think You Can Sit Pain-Free? Think Again!
Oregon Aero® SoftSeat® Cushion and
Super Cushion®
Portable Cushion Take Away the Pain!

Whether you sit behind a desk, the wheel of a truck or car or even in the cockpit of an aircraft, you may experience the pain of an uncomfortable seat at work. The Portable Universal SoftSeat® Cushion makes any seat pain-free and comfortable.

• The pain is gone — no matter how long you sit. The cushion design shifts your hips and pelvis into the proper, pain-free position.
• The “hot spots” are gone. Visco-elastic foam “reads” body temperature and pressure and prevents the burning sensation of ischemia, or “hot spots.” The cushions can help prevent bedsores and deep vein thrombosis.
• You’ll have a perfect fit — every time! Lots of people can use the same cushion and get the same great comfort.
• Extreme cold or heat? Not a problem. The cushions work just as well.
• Use the cushions just about anywhere you sit. Cars, boats, wheelchairs, office chairs, airplanes, helicopters, you name it.
• Need to raised or moved forward? The 2" Cushion Base or Full Back Cushion solves each of these problems.
• Limited headroom? Use the 1/2" SoftSeat® Cushion Base.

SoftSeat® Cushion bases are available in three thicknesses: 1/2" for limited headroom situations, 1" standard thickness, and 2" for raising a person in the seat.

Forget what you know about seat cushions! The comfort level is the same with each thickness of the SoftSeat® Cushion Base. In some cases, you may actually sit higher than if you were sitting on a conventional cushion, but this depends on your usual posture, the firmness of the original cushion and the underlying seat structure. For best results, best value, choose a SoftSeat® Cushion combo; available with lumbar support.

Click here to save your seat!

An Oregon Aero® Super Cushion® Portable Cushion is a great lightweight, easy-to-carry cushion that doesn’t take up much space, but it will give you a noticeably more comfortable seat. Perfect for benches, chairs, bleachers and more!
The 13" x 13" cushion is made of visco-elastic foam with a durable, nylon pack cloth cover and is available in a variety of colors. Click here to learn more.

Forklift Seat Cushion System Eliminates the Pain of Long Days in the Cab

Forklift operators can benefit from our highly engineered, pain-free seat cushion systems that improve impact protection. The Oregon Aero® Forklift Seat Cushion System is custom designed and features:
• An adjustable lumbar system, so every operator on every shift has a comfortable seat

• Dramatically improved shock absorption and vibration isolation (test-confirmed!)
• “Smart” cushions that are temperature and pressure sensitive, shaping to the person and distributing the weight evenly
• Pain-free seating, no matter how long the user sits
• Maintenance and replacement without dismantling the seat

Click Here for more information.

Specialty Products and Tools for an On-the-Job Edge

Flashpoint® Flashlight Holder
When you need to put some light on your work, you don’t want to fumble around looking for your flashlight. Our FlashPoint® Flashlight Holder keeps light handy on your helmet, headset, instrument panel or dashboard, tool box, work bench, appliances — wherever you need a steady, hands-free light source. Adhesive-backed self-gripping loop pads mount on any surface. Fits most AA flashlights. Three adhesive-backed hook/loop fastening pads are included so you can use the holder in different locations.

PRD® Retainer

Oregon Aero originally designed the PRD® Retainer for the use in the F-15 fighter jet, but it comes in handy wherever you need to keep a pencil in reach. The secure retainer keeps pen or pencil from rolling away. Great for dashboards, workshops, and toolboxes. Secures with hook/loop fastening.

Knipex Plier Wrench

The Knipex Plier Wrench is a superior tool for gripping, holding, and bending and is easy on your hands. The wrench provides 3,000 pounds pressure yet is gentle enough for careful assembly of fittings with finished surfaces. The 12-position push button adjustment locks into place to avoid slippage.

Cam action of gripping jaws allows ratchet action to handle nuts and bolts up to 1-3/8", 1-3/4", or 2-3/8". Replaces your entire wrench set.

Three wrench sizes are available"

7"   Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 1-3/8")
10" Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 1-3/4")
12" Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 2-3/8")

SlipNot® Headset Retainer

Whether your job requires that you wear a headset for hearing protection or communicating, the SlipNot® Headset Retainer will prevent your headset from slipping off your head even when you lean over. Developed and manufactured by Oregon Aero, the retainer’s two hand-sewn strips attach to your headset easily with hook/loop fasteners. The SlipNot® Headset Retainer installs in seconds and adjusts easily.

Specialty Upgrade Kits Eliminate Pain of
Wearing Headsets for Long Hours

Receptionists, call center associates, television crews and studio technicians all wear headsets for hours on end, which can lead to painful headaches, and pinched, hot sweaty ears. You can be pain free when you upgrade your headset with our Telephone Headset Upgrade Kit or our Studio Monitor Headset Upgrade Kit.

We adapted what we’ve learned from years of upgrading aviation headsets and applied that experience to a variety of other headset applications. We have upgrade kits for the most popular headset models. If you don’t see your headset model, please call us for assistance at 800-888-6910.

Telephone Headset Upgrade Kit includes SoftTop® Headset Cushion, SoftSeal® Ear Cushion, and a small custom designed pad that rests against your head.

Sony Monitor Headset Upgrade Kit (pictured) includes SoftTop® Headset Cushion, SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo, and SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers.

An upgrade is available for the Sennheiser Monitor Headset t includes which also includes a SoftTop® Headset Cushion, SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo, and SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers.

Click here for more information on our headset upgrades.

Oregon Aero® Bags Offer Durability
and Flexibility for Multiple Needs

We designs and manufactures a variety of specialty bags to carry delicate aviation equipment. However, you may find that the bag’s shock absorbing capability, zippered compartments, quality construction and many extra features are perfect for carrying cameras, lap-top computers, equipment and other important tools of your trade that require a little TLC. Click here to view our complete line of bags.


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