Helmet & Headgear Upgrades

Mountaineering, Parachuting Helmet Upgrade Kit

Developed for military pararescue soldiers, the helmet liner upgrade for the Pro-Tec helmet helps parachutists, mountain climbers or anybody who uses this helmet style! Helmet upgrade kit provides improved impact protection, is stable and painless. Made of several materials, including visco-elastic foam. The three-part upgrade can be installed in minutes without helmet modification. Exclusive breathable urethane coating releases heat and air from the scalp but resists water getting through. Each part goes through 27 steps during manufacturing to ensure optimum performance.


Need more convincing? This helmet liner is the only one approved by the military for high altitude, low opening (HALO) operations which use this style helmet.

3/4" thick #95501-3 NSN 8415-00-X13-2885
7/8" thick #95502-4 (not pictured) NSN 8415-00-X1-32886

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Oregon Aero® Zeta-C® Universal Upgrade Kit

Zeta-C UpgradeThe Oregon Aero® Zeta-C® Universal Upgrade Kit fits a wide range of helmets and other types of protective headgear. The innovative upgrade kit includes everything you need to make occupational and recreational headgear pain-free, dramatically more stable and cooler.


The Zeta-C® Upgrade eliminates painful pressure points and “hot spots” by equalizing the load throughout the headgear’s existing cushioning or suspension system. The kit’s three pads are custom-designed from a temperature- and pressure-sensitive composite material that molds itself to your head and improves stability. The pads’ self-wicking proprietary fabric promotes evaporation of sweat, creating cooler, drier headgear.

It is called the “Universal Upgrade Kit” because it can be used to upgrade most types of protective headgear. 

Once the Zeta-C® Universal Upgrade Kit is installed, you will forget that it’s there, but you will remember the headgear’s dramatically improved comfort and stability. With headgear pain eliminated, you can focus on the task at hand.



Zeta-C® Universal Upgrade Kit #95002


Three custom-designed pads create pain-free, stable, cooler equipment.

Kit includes two 10; x 1 1/2" Pads, one 8-1/2" x 1-1/2" pad, four 6" x 1" Lengths of low profile adhesive-backed hook/loop material, two alcohol swabs, and installation instructions.