Oregon Aero Teams Up with CubCrafters on Exclusive New Cushion System

Fri, 04/05/2013

The New Cushions Bring Additional Comfort to Three CubCrafters Aircraft

SCAPPOOSE, Ore. (April 5, 2013) — Oregon Aero and CubCrafters continue to build their long history together with the introduction of an exclusive new seat cushion system designed for three of CubCrafters’ popular aircraft.

The system, which incorporates Oregon Aero’s innovative design and materials to maximize comfort, is now available as an option in the Carbon Cub EX, the Carbon Cub SS and the Sport Cub.

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“We are excited to further the great relationship we’ve had with our friends at CubCrafters with the introduction of this new seat cushion system,” said Tony Erickson, Chief Operating Officer of Oregon Aero. “Bringing our experience with the most comfortable  seating systems to these renowned CubCrafters aircraft is really a great fit all around.”

Oregon Aero, which has been working with CubCrafters for more than a decade, approached CubCrafters last year about designing a new seat cushion system for the three aircraft. Working closely with CubCrafters, Oregon Aero designed the cushions with its industry-leading focus on improved posture and comfort. CubCrafter pilot owners flight- tested the seat cushion system to help perfect the final product.

"That was key to really designing the best seat cushion system for these specific aircraft," said Ben Buss, Seat Sales Account Manager for Oregon Aero's Northwest Region.

The many features of the new CubCrafters seat cushion system include:

• An innovative design that shifts the hips, pelvis and back into a proper, pain-free position.
• Visco-elastic foam that “reads” body temperature and pressure and helps distribute weight evenly and eliminate hot spots.
• Advanced materials and design elements that help maintain blood circulation and minimize lower back pain from prolonged sitting.

The cushions also resist compression over time, absorb vibration and allow multiple users to enjoy the same comfort. Available exclusively from CubCrafters in black leather or fabric, the seat cushion system can be ordered as an option for new aircraft or as a replacement for existing models of the Carbon Cub EX, Carbon Cub SS and Super Cub.

"I think CubCrafters pilots are really going to enjoy and appreciate these new seat cushion systems," said David Esterline, Customer Service Inside Sales for Oregon Aero. "We've heard a lot of great feedback from pilots about how well our systems have worked in other CubCrafters planes, and we're expecting more of the same with these."

With the addition of the new seat cushion system, Oregon Aero seating is now available for the entire line of CubCrafters aircraft.

“We have included Oregon Aero cushion systems in our Top Cub for many years and we’re very happy with the comfort and quality,” said Jim Richmond, CEO of CubCrafters. “This has been a great relationship and we’re happy to extend the benefits of Oregon Aero seats to more CubCrafters owners.”

For information about ordering the new CubCrafters cushion systems, contact CubCrafters at 509-248-9491 or by email.

For more information about CubCrafters, please visit www.CubCrafters.com.

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