Oregon Aero® Products:
Guaranteed Performance


With a proven record of innovation, Oregon Aero designs and manufactures products that eliminate pain, improve impact protection and reduce noise. We are committed to optimal, guaranteed product performance and 100% customer satisfaction. For aviation, the military, law enforcement and other industries, and for general consumers

  Seating Systems
Oregon Aero designs and manufactures maximum-comfort Seating Systems for aircraft, land vehicles and other applications. Portable Cushions also available.
 Cessna 310 Interior
Aircraft Interior Upgrades
Complete interior upgrades come with maximum-comfort Seating Systems and free design consulting. Side panels, carpet, glare shield covers, seat belts and webbing, custom leather and fabric upholstery. Corrosion and cable inspection/ repair, window replacement.
  Headset Upgrades
Considerably less than the cost of a new headset. No more pain. Reduce sound pressure. Improve intelligibility and transmission clarity. Cooler, drier.  Available for Civilian, Military and Firefighting applications. A Complete Headset Upgrade Kit is available for most headset types.
 Complete Aviation Helmet Upgrade

Aviation Helmet Upgrades
No more pain. Helmet stability. Reduce sound pressure. Improve intelligibility and transmission clarity. Easy fitting. Cooler, drier. Lighter weight. Complete Helmet Upgrade Kits address all areas of the helmet. Helmet Liners provide a cooler, more stable helmet. 

 Ballistic Helmet Upgraded by Oregon Aero Ballistic Helmet Upgrades
Installed without helmet modifications. No more pain. Safer. Helmet stability. Moisture and waterproof. Gas and air permeable. Self-wicking. Positively buoyant. Four-point chin strap/harness with integrated nape pad.
Helmets & Headgear Upgrades by Oregon Aero
Other Helmet & Headgear Upgrades
Upgrades are available for the Pro-Tec Helmet, Welding Hoods, Industrial Helmets, Firefighting Helmets, Surgeon's Head Lights, Face Shields, Bump Caps and similiar headgear.      
 ShockBlocker Insole Inserts Insole Inserts
Dramatically reduce shock to feet and joints. Dry and cool. Durable.
 Kneeling Pad

Specialty Products
More products that take away the pain or solve other problems. Kneeling Pads, Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads, Survival Kits.



Flight Bags
Custom designs, top quality. Hand sewn at Oregon Aero. Shock insulated. Durable. For headsets, helmets, portable cushions and equipment.
T-shirt with Logo

Our logo says "quality" and looks good, too. Jackets, t-shirts, hats.