Features & Benefits

Oregon Aero® Seating Systems have a proven record of customer satisfaction, providing maximum-comfort seating, no matter how long the flight.  Our seating shifts the hips, pelvis and back into the proper position for the ultimate in flying comfort.™  Seat cushion systems as well as seat assemblies are available. Seating for land vehicles and other applications provide the same features & benefits.

Features & Benefits of an Oregon Aero® Seating System:

 Mike & Jude Dennis
DEDICATED TO CUSTOMERS -- Oregon Aero co-owners
Jude and Mike Dennis work to ensure the company's
high standards are implemented in every process of the business. 
"Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction," say Jude & Mike, "and our
excellent team of employees is as dedicated to that goal
as we are." Jude is Vice President, and Mike is CEO and President.