Maximum Comfort, No Matter How Long the Flight!

WHY Are Oregon Aero Seat Systems So Comfortable?








  1. Because Oregon Aero seat systems shift a person’s hips, pelvis and back so the location of the "upper body hinge" moves from the diaphragm to the middle of the neck. This shift permits the body to stay erect without effort, reducing fatigue and pain.
  2. Because Oregon Aero’s designs and materials work together. The design ensures to about 85% the ideal body shape described above. The cushion materials, including visco-elastic foam, mold the last 15%, reading body temperature and pressure and creating a perfect fit every time someone uses the seat. See photos and x-rays for the story in pictures.
  3. Visco-elastic foam used in the seat cushions "reads" body temperature and pressure and shapes to the person through a process called "lateral creep." With low rebound action, the foam permits blood to flow constantly, preventing the burning sensation of ischemia, known as "hot spots."

Courtesy Kern County Fire Department

We operate a Bell Super Huey for fire suppression and hoist rescue.
It’s not a problem spending eight hours in the cockpit now
(with an Oregon Aero seat cushion system)."

— P. Williams, Chief Pilot, Kern County, CA Fire Dept. 



Oregon Aero® Seating Systems are equally effective in extremely cold or warm temperatures and resist becoming squashed or deformed over time. The cushions return to their original shape once a person leaves the seat, ready for the next user.  

Also, variations in cushion thickness (required for the cockpit environment or physical characteristics) provide the same level of comfort and impact protection.

courtesy D. Keyt

"The seat is a joy to sit in and is the most comfortable seat of
any kind I have ever sat in."
— Dick Keyt in his one-of-a-kind Polen Special.