Seating Position

The Proper Sitting Position

The secret to Oregon Aero’s maximum-comfort seating is the way it shifts the hips, pelvis and back into the proper position, creating a smooth lumbar curve.

Comfort: Proper Lumbar Curve & Pelvic Position


smooth lumbar curve                                         
  • Painless sitting!
  • Pelvis rotated forward.
  • Smooth lumbar curve.

No more slouch,
no more pain!

  • Smooth lumbar curve.
  • Shoulders and head shift effortlessly into painless position. 
  • Shown with SoftSeat® Portable Seat Cushion, but same painless seating occurs with all Oregon Aero® Seating Systems.

Oregon Aero complies with all applicable FAA regulations. The Oregon Aero Engineering Department has an FAA “Seat” Designated Engineering Representative (DER) on staff to support our customers.