VK SmartCushion™ Systems
for Certified Helicopters

 The Ultimate In Flying Comfort

Engineering. Testing. Certification. Manufacturing.
Leading the Way in Advanced Seating Systems.

Oregon Aero designs and manufactures maximum-comfort seating systems for certified helicopters. Our VK SmartCushion Systems for helicopters shift the hips, pelvis and back for pain-free seating. Oregon Aero conducts extensive testing for a full range of custom-designed seating for law enforcement, air ambulance, forest service, agriculture aviation and other helicopter crews. Oregon Aero complies with all applicable FAA regulations by supplying FAA-approved seating and other parts to the public and OEMs. Repair Station Certificate #O1IR004X (Limited Airframe, Limited Accessories). Call to verify your aircraft is on or can be added to our Capabilities List.

NEW versatile multi-functional crew seat offers improved safety and maximum comfort. Read more...


Oregon Aero’s CRM/AMRM Training Program offers comprehensive training that can help improve safety, reduce the accident rate and save lives. Contact us today for more information and course bookings. 

Call 800-888-6910 or email us for a quote to purchase a VK SmartCushion™ Seating Upgrade for your helicopter.