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Oregon Aero has the capability to design a Seat Cushion System or Seat Assembly to your installation requirements.  For airframe manufacturers requiring a Seat Cushion System, each maximum-comfort Oregon Aero® VK SmartCushionSystem is designed for the specific cockpit environment, taking into account variables of space, interface locations and other customer requirements.

Oregon Aero® VK SmartCushionSystems shift the hips, pelvis and back into a comfortable sitting position. At the same time, our cushions support occupants over as large an area of the seat surface as possible, preventing "hot spots" and creating maximum-comfort seating.

Backed by more than 20 years' experience in engineering, testing, certifying and manufacturing seating, OEM VK SmartCushionSystems comply with all applicable FAA regulations.  OEM Seat Assemblies (the Oregon Aero® High-G® Seat) also are available.


Oregon Aero complies with all applicable FAA regulations.  Repair Station #O1IR004X.