VK SmartCushion™ Systems for
Certified Fixed Wing Aircraft

The Ultimate In Flying Comfort

 Certified Fixed Wing

Engineering. Testing. Certification. Manufacturing.
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Closeup of Cessna 310 Upgrade

Closeup of an upholstered VK SmartCushion™ Seating System. Our manufacturing technology is coupled with superb technical craftsmanship. We pay meticulous attention to every detail

Oregon Aero designs and manufactures maximum-comfort seating systems for certified fixed wing aircraft. Our VK SmartCushion™ Systems shift the hips, pelvis and back into the proper position for pain-free seating. Oregon Aero complies with all applicable FAA regulations by supplying FAA-approved seating and other parts to the public and OEM’s. Oregon Aero is an FAA-approved Repair Station #O1IR004X. 

Our VK SmartCushion™ Systems for certified aircraft are backed by 20 years’ experience in seat engineering, testing, certification and manufacturing. Our sophisticated manufacturing technology is coupled with superb craftsmanship by Oregon Aero technicians. Oregon Aero seating is made in the U.S.A.


 Oregon Aero is an FAA-Approved Repair Station #O1IR004X.
General Corrosion Inspection and Repair, Cable Inspection and Repair, and Window Replacement
are provided through an affiliation with FAA-Approved Repair Station