Land Vehicles

Products For People On the Ground

Oregon Aero can design and manufacture seating for most types of land vehicles and
other land-based systems, as well as for military and maritime applications. We are able to analyze the required functionality and each seating environment, providing maximum-comfort, maximum performance, durable, safer seating. Contact us to discuss your non-aviation seating needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Forklift Cushion Systems

Our Forklift Cushion System consistently receives rave reviews. Initial testing took place at one of the top five world producers of newsprint; now they’re a regular Oregon Aero customer! Forklift drivers like the adjustable lumbar system and maintenance workers like doing their job without having to dismantle the seat. Forklift operators can enjoy the same pain-free seating systems as jet fighter and aerobatic pilots.


The Forklift Cushion System is custom designed and features:

  • Hyster forklift seat cushion system by Oregon Aero, Inc.An adjustable lumbar system, so every operator on every shift has a comfortable seat.
  • Dramatically improved shock absorption and vibration isolation (test-confirmed!).
  • "Smart" cushions that are temperature and pressure sensitive, shaping to the person and distributing the weight evenly.
  • Pain-free seating, no matter how long the user sits.
  • Maintenance and replacement without dismantling the seat.

Custom Seat Cushion Systems for Trucks

Oregon Aero has designed truck seat prototypes for truck manufacturers, but you can retro-fit your truck now! Contact Oregon Aero for information. Think how great it will be to drive long hours without pain!



Coal Car Hauler Cushioning System

Coal car hauler operators work in a semi-reclined position, pulling coal cars on underground tracks through tunnels as low as 4' high. The custom Oregon Aero cushioning system includes five parts that absorb vibration and provide comfort for the operators. Contact Oregon Aero for information.



Race Car Seat Cushion Systems, Helmet and Headset Upgrades

Oregon Aero has prototype seat cushion systems and headgear in NASCAR vehicles, Indy cars, and dragsters. Our race car helmet upgrades create a painless, quieter helmet with improved impact protection. Headsets used in the race car industry can be upgraded with our aviation headset upgrade components for comfort and quiet.

Jet Car driver, Elaine Larsen, uses an Oregon Aero® Seat Cushion in her Jet Car!

Contact Oregon Aero for more information.