VK SmartCushion Systems for
Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft

The Ultimate In Flying Comfort™


Cushions are sold as unupholstered cores. We offer custom upholstery services, including All Leather, All Fabric, Leather & Fabric, Leather & Sheepskin, and Fabric & Sheepskin. Free design consulting and free upholstery samples. 

Simply put, Oregon Aero offers the most comfortable seat in the industry.

Oregon Aero® VK SmartCushion™
Systems for Experimental and Homebuilt aircraft offer maximum-comfort seating designed for your particular aircraft. We offer seat cushions for most aircraft.

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in engineering, testing, certifying and manufacturing aircraft seating systems, the VK SmartCushion™ System shifts the hips, pelvis and back into a comfortable sitting position. At the same time, the seat cushions support occupants over as large an area of the seat surface as possible, preventing painful “hot spots.” Pilot and passengers fly in comfort—no matter how long the flight.

The Features and Benefits of the VK SmartCushion™ System make it clear why increasing numbers of Experimental and Homebuilt pilots want Oregon Aero® Seating Systems

Each seat cushion system is made by hand by skilled Oregon Aero technicians, using many differently shaped pieces and several materials, including temperature- and pressure-sensitive visco-elastic foam.

Complete Aircraft Interior Upgrade services and financing also are available.


Complete Oregon Aero® Interior for the RV-10, Leather

All Oregon Aero® Seating Systems are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Oregon Aero is an FAA-Approved Repair Station #O1IR004X.
General Corrosion Inspection and Repair, Cable Inspection and Repair, and Window Replacement
are provided through an affiliation with FAA-Approved Repair Station