Pilot Accessories & Tools

Adjustable Plier Wrench

Replace your entire wrench set with the Oregon Aero Adjustable Plier Wrench.

Strong but gentle. Plier crushing nickel with 3000 pounds pressure. Try doing this with ordinary pliers.

The wrench provides 3,000 pounds of pressure but is gentle enough for careful assembly of fittings with finished surfaces.


Adjustable Plier Wrench comes in three sizes.

10" Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 1 3/4") #48610
7" Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 1 3/8") #48607
12" Knipex Plier Wrench (adjustable to 2 3/8") #48612


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Superior tool for gripping, holding, bending. Provides 3,000 pounds pressure but is gentle enough for careful assembly of fittings with finished surfaces. 12-position push button adjustment. Three sizes available. Cam action of gripping jaws allows ratchet action to handle nuts and bolts up to 1-3/8", 1-3/4", or 2-3/8". Replaces your entire wrench set in aircraft, car, boat or motorcycle.

NVG Finger Lite FL-5

NVG Finger Lite FL-5 Kit includes lite, hook/loop wrap, two batteries, container.

The Finger Lite FL-5 is compatible with all Night Vision Goggles and Devices.

NVG Finger Lite FL-5 #40FL5     NSN 6230-01-357-2175
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NVG compatible green light. One LED. Inset to prevent side scatter. Use on any finger of either hand. Mounts using stretch hook/loop, allowing freedom of finger movement while holding light securely. Two common 1.5V A76 batteries included, 10+ hours of normal operation. Vibration proof. Kit includes NVG Finger Lite, hook/loop wrap, two batteries and container. From SSI, Inc.
NOTE: Effective only with night vision equipment!


NVG "Mike Lite"

Mike LiteNVG "Mike Lite" ML-8 #40ML8
NSN 6240-01-362-4902

Optional MK-1 Mount Kit
(not pictured) #40MK1

Emits soft green light. EFFECTIVE ONLY WITH NVG EQUIPMENT! Three LED’s, inset to prevent side scatter. Preserves dark adaptation. Weighs less than 3/4 oz. Includes wire, batteries, battery pouch, two tie wraps, one mic boom screw. Mounts on wire frame mic boom. Fits M-87 and M-162 mics. Will fit most others with optional MK-1 Mount Kit. Can be used with Oregon Aero® MicMuff® Microphone Cover. From SSI Inc.

"Mike Lite" provides illumination for map and chart viewing while wearing night vision equipment. Actual illumination brighter than shown in photograph. NOTE: "Mike Lite" effective ONLY with night vision equipment.


Oregon Aero® FlashPoint® Flashlight Holder

FlashPoint® Flashlight Holder #40050
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Great for headsets and helmets!


Keep light handy on helmet, headset, instrument panel or auto dash, tool box, work bench, appliances - wherever you need a steady, hands-free light source. Three adhesive-backed self gripping loop pads mount on any surface. Fits most AA flashlights. Hook/loop fastening.

Oregon Aero® PRD® Retainer
(Pencil Retaining Device)

Pencil Retaining Device

PRD® Retainer (Pencil Retaining Device) #40025
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Designed by Oregon Aero for the F-15. Keeps pen from rolling away. Great for car dash, boats, anywhere. Handy item to make life easier and safer. Hook/loop fastening.




PRD & FlashpointIn the cockpit, the Oregon Aero-designed PRD® Retainer, (shown on the Stearman biplane’s instrument panel) and the FlashPoint® Flashlight Holder (at right in photo) make life a lot easier. The PRD® keeps your pen or pencil from rolling away and the Flashlight Holder provides a steady, hands-free light source.


Oregon Aero™ Universal Folding Kneeling Pad

Kneeling PadUniversal Folding Kneeling Pad #48001-1-A

Work in comfort with the Oregon Aero™ Universal Folding Kneeling Pad for industrial, home, law enforcement, and military use. Custom designed, water resistant pad spreads weight load, eliminates pressure points.  Industrial-strength outer cover. Non-skid strips.


Occupational Safety & Health Products


Oregon Aero, Inc.is the leader in designing and manufacturing Painless, Safer and Quieter® products for the military, aviation and aerospace industries — has added to its line of Occupational Safety & Health (OS&H) products for people who work in physically demanding environments, such as construction workers, maintenance and public utility workers, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many others. Learn more.