Seating Systems Testimonials

Custom Seat Cushions for Performer

“I have used Oregon Aero for my seat cushions for a while because they are the best and I appreciate how important they are to my long term well being inside the cockpit. After having back surgery I am working very hard at managing the injury and looking after my back and this is just another step in that direction."
- Matt Hall, Matt Hall Racing

Takes the Pain Out of a Long Day

"I use my Edge 300L to instruct aerobatics. Sometimes I fly as many as 12 flights a day, so you can see the importance of a comfortable seat and headset. Oregon Aero products take the pain out of a long day in the saddle."

— Wayne Handley,
2005 Air Show Hall of Fame inductee, former naval aviator, ag pilot, aerobatic champion and airshow performer

Satisfied Customer

"These seats are wonderful! I’ve had an airline pilot, 6'6" tall, fly my plane (a Maule MXT-7-180) and he commented on how comfortable the seats are. The seats are great on long flights." — B.O. Jaffrey, NH

Like Flying in a Fine Recliner

“I finally took delivery of my aircraft this afternoon following a paint job… I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with the new seats from Oregon Aero. WOW! It’s like flying in a fine recliner. NO back pain, extraordinary workmanship, unbelievably comfortable. Kudos to you and the Oregon Aero team!! I will be sending the remaining four seats to be redone in the near future. Again, my compliments!”

Ralph Smith
Leesburg, VA

Comfortable The Entire Day

"I recently sent in the left seat from my Cherokee Six to have the seat foam (upgraded)... I installed the seat the day it arrived and flew the plane for the first time that night. The seat seemed very firm for the first few minutes, and then I forgot about it. I flew 6.5 hours yesterday, from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Columbus, GA to Wilminton, NC, and back to Louisburg NC. I dodged thunderstorms, flew through turbulence and rain, and never once felt the need to squirm around in the seat. With the old seat I started to get uncomfortable after an hour, with this seat I was comfortable after spending the day in the plane." — H.D.

Greg Arrives Fresh and Ready!

“I travel about everywhere east of the Rockies, bringing my popular aerobatic clinics to hundreds of pilots and keep a busy airshow schedule. I am sponsored by American Champion Aircraft and I think the Super Decathlon is unmatched as every pilots sport aerobatic airplane. But long hours of cross-country flying have proven that I need seats made for my big frame! I challenged Oregon Aero to design me seats that have lots of technology instead of just a lot of foam. The result is the best thing my back has ever felt! I have more room in the cockpit and now I arrive fresh and ready for work.”
-- Greg Koontz, Greg Koontz Airshows

Jamail Benefits from Custom Seat Cushions

“It’s not very often that you find a company that is truly committed to increasing safety and comfort for General Aviation. But Oregon Aero has done just that. I spend a lot of time inside of the cockpit of my Christen Eagle II, and any way that I can improve comfort levels during airshow performances is greatly appreciated. Not only can you get seat cushions custom made to provide the exact fit necessary for your individual needs, but the technology incorporated into Oregon Aero’s seat cushions is unmatched by any other company.
Their wide range of products not only increase safety and comfort, but truly enhance your flying experience.” 
-- Jamail Larkins, Airshow Performer, Aviation and Space Education Ambassador

No Longer Distracted By Pain and Noise

"The demands of airshow flying exaggerate the issues of cockpit comfort! Our airplanes are designed with performance as the highest goal, and max performance often means sacrifices for the guy who’s doing the driving. Before I discovered Oregon Aero products, I dreaded each cross-country, and I tried not to think about the bruises and ear damage I endured with each performance. Now, with Custom Seat Cushions and my headset conversion from Oregon Aero, I honestly look forward to my cross-country flights! What’s even better is that, during my performances, I’m no longer distracted by the pain and noise that were once part of my work. I can keep focused on the things that are really important: being good and being safe!

"Rarely do you find a resource that pulls out all the stops to get you what you need. Hey, I had heard about the great engineering and people at OA, and from the moment I started whining about the hardships of being an airshow pilot, I knew I had found an understanding ear and a powerful ally. The assistance I received exceeded all my expectations, and they addressed many of my needs that I hadn’t even considered! Now I’m wearing OA shoe insoles while I’m walking the ramp all day, and my parachute doesn’t hurt my back anymore. I’ve still got some feeling in my bottom when I land somewhere and I’m consulting with the geniusesin R&D about my new "survival" helmet.
Thank you, Oregon Aero!" — Elgin Wells, Jr., Elgin Wells Airshows

Head-to-Toe Comfort for Sean Tucker

Sean D. Tucker

Sean D. Tucker

When I’m on the ground, I use ShockBlocker® Insole Inserts. They give me added comfort and increased shock absorption while I’m running. I highly recommend these products for anyone.”
-- Sean Tucker, aerobatic performer

Bruce Bohannon Can’t Beat Comfort

Bruce Bohannon

“I can honestly say I have never experienced such seat comfort, and the difference in comfort and sound levels since Oregon Aero worked their magic on my helmet and headset is nothing short of fantastic!”
Bruce Bohannon, altitude and time-to-climb world record-holder. Retired Jan. 2009.
Oregon Aero customer since 2003.