ZetaLiner® Aviation Helmet Liner

ZetaLiner Aviation Helmet Liner

Testing shows transmitted impact loads were reduced 25-35% in a helmet equipped with ZetaLiner® or Zeta II® Helmet Liner and SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo ear seals and insulation kit, compared to the original helmet. Visco-elastic foam sewn into cool, washable wear-resistant fabric. Eliminates top-of-head hot spots. Self-wicking fabric controls heat buildup by evaporative cooling of perspiration. Eliminates "bob and roll" when mounting external equipment. Lighter weight than other liners. Installation only takes a few minutes. Testing shows these helmet liners reduce skin temperature 1.5°F compared to existing liner systems.

Specifically for the HGU-56, the PM Air Warrior Approved Zeta II® Helmet Liner offers the same benefits as the original ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner. Fitting only takes a few minutes!

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