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Oregon Aero proudly presents the Oregon Aero® SkyDancer, the sponsorship of airshow performers Steve Oliver and Suzanne Asbury-Oliver. Steve and Suzanne are recognized worldwide as the only husband-and-wife professional aerobatic and skywriting team. Legends of flight in their own time, they thrill audiences with their action-packed aerobatic show, night-time pyrobatics performance, and Suzanne’s feats as the nation’s only active female professional skywriter.
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© 2006 Charles H. Stites

Since the 2006 airshow season, this title sponsorship brings together two of the most respected performers in the airshow community with Oregon Aero, infusing new energy into both entities. It reflects a new aspect in the more than 17-year relationship between the Olivers and Oregon Aero founders and co-owners Mike and Jude Dennis. It’s a commitment built on mutual trust, admiration and loyalty. It speaks to the Olivers’ reliance over the years on Oregon Aero products that make their SkyDancing Painless, Safer and Quieter®. Now at the peak of their enduring career and bolstered by the support of Oregon Aero, the Olivers are ready to take their SkyDancer to new heights.

© 2006 Charles H. Stites
Sporting a new paint job and a custom leather interior upgrade featuring Oregon Aero® Seat Cushions, the SkyDancer is a highly modified warbird, a totally refurbished 1956 de Havilland Super Chipmunk. Originally a trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, it boasts more horsepower (380+) and more night-time pyrotechnics than any other Chipmunk ever, a cruising speed of 160 mph, a 2,500-feet-per-minute rate of climb, and a range of more than 500 miles. Piloted by Steve, the SkyDancer performs a tight, low and action-packed aerobatic routine, accompanied by a crowd-pleasing smoke system, and call-and-response music and story line. 

With Suzanne at the controls, the SkyDancer flies high and wide in elegant loops, scripting mile-long letters two miles up in the sky. Likely the most experienced skywriter in the world, Suzanne creates smoke signals that astonish spectators for up to 30 miles in every direction.

For Steve and Suzanne, Oregon Aero provides personal comfort and peace of mind under grueling conditions. Whether performing or flying cross-country to their next show, the Olivers say, "The comfort of the seats, headsets and helmets, and the noise reduction of the headset and helmet upgrades are very important to combat the fatigue factor. The less fatigue we feel, the safer we are in the decision-making process."

Oregon Aero makes the Olivers’ SkyDancing
Painless, Safer and Quieter®
as Suzanne showcased during AirVenture 2006.

Oregon Aero is dedicated to providing that Forgettable is GoodSM experience to the Olivers so they can forget about cockpit noise and pain, and focus on executing the tightly choreographed aerobatic maneuvers that comprise their routines.

To learn more about Steve Oliver and Suzanne Asbury-Oliver, contact them directly at You can access complete information, photos, video and more at For show bookings, call Suzanne at 303-478-4853.

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The Oregon Aero® SkyDancer
3 Shows for 1 Booking:
Skilled Skywriting – Nighttime Pyrobatics – Thrilling Aerobatics

  • Experienced performers available and recognized worldwide
  • Recipients of International Council of Airshows Sword of Excellence Award (1999)
  • Generate community-wide exposure with media and VIP flights (with optional cockpit and wing-mounted camera shots), local radio station contests, media interviews
  • Featuring a former military aircraft, the super-modified 1956 de Havilland Super Chipmunk
  • Provide autographed hero cards, brochures, media/PR kits

Steve Oliver at a glance:
  1. At the age of 17, graduated from high school and enrolled in aeromechanics school in Kansas City, while working full-time at the airport and taking flying lessons. Within 11 months, earned commercial and instructor ratings and performed his first airshow act. He flew his first "paid" performance at age 19.
  2. Holds Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating, Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic license, unrestricted ground level aerobatic waiver.
  3. Is a single and multi-engine flight instructor and an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE).
  4. Has logged more than 13,000 flight hours in a wide range of aircraft, including helicopters and biplanes. Steve's experience includes flying mail, crop dusting and flying corporate and charter flights.

Suzanne Asbury-Oliver at a glance:
  1. Began flying gliders at age 14 while attending junior high school in Forest Grove, Oregon. At 15, she soloed; at 16, received her private pilot’s license in a sailplane; flew sailplanes throughout her teens; by 18, was certified as a flight instructor.
  2. Is the nation’s only female professional skywriter. Has logged more than 6,000 flying hours, including those spent in the 1929 open cockpit Travel Air Pepsi Skywriter biplane (now retired and hangs from the ceiling of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport).
  3. Also holds an Airline Transport Rating, is a certified flight instructor in single and multi-engine aircraft, is an instrument instructor and ground school instructor.
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