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Industrial Products

Oregon Aero Zeta-C® Universal Upgrade Kit

The Zeta-C® padding system provides maximum comfort, enabling you to focus on the job at hand without the constant nagging of headgear pain. With a Zeta-C upgrade your headgear will feel cooler and more stable. While it may appear simplistic, the Zeta-C uses Oregon Aero’s self-wicking fabric and pressure/temperature sensitive padding. Pressure points and “hot spots” are eliminated by equalizing pressure within the pad itself. Upgrade pads are easy to install and remove with low-profile adhesive-backed hook/loop strips. Pads can be hand washed and allowed to air dry.

Zeta-C Kit for welding hoods, industrial helmets, firefighting helmets, face shields, bump caps, and similar headgear.

Oregon Aero FlashPoint™ Flashlight Holder
Oregon Aero FlashPoit Flashlight Holder

Tired of your flashlight rolling away only to stop just out of reach? With the FlashPoint flashlight holder you can secure your flashlight to a multitude of surfaces. Attach it to your instrument panel, tool box, work bench, appliances and more. You can even mount the flashlight to your helmet or headset for hands-free illumination. Includes three adhesive-backed self-gripping hook/loop fastening pads. Fits most AA flashlights.

Oregon Aero PRD™ Retainer
Oregon Aero Pencil Retaining Device PRD

Oregon Aero PRD™ Pencil Retaining Device. Designed by Oregon Aero for the F-15 jet. Device keeps your pencil from rolling around or getting lost while not in use. Pencil retainer secures with included Hook/loop fasteners. Great for airplanes, car dashboards, boats, refrigerators, or anywhere you need to keep a pencil or pen handy.

The Oregon Aero Grip Kit
Oregon Aero Grip Kit

Work harder and experience less vibration/muscle fatigue with Oregon Aero’s Grip Kit. The Grip Kit reduces vibration and shock generated by using hand-held tools and equipment. In addition to shock absorption you will have a better grip to improve control of your tools. For even more gripping power, this kit also includes a pair of 3M Greptile™ Gloves use with your modified tools and equipment.

The Grip Kit can be installed on claw-hammers, ball-peen hammers, hatchets, axes, air chisels, impact wrenches, hammer drills, and other tools/equipment.

  • 6 linear feet of 1" wide Visco-Kinetic pressure and temperature sensitive, shock-absorbing tape
  • 8 linear feet of 1" wide clear protective tape
  • 6 linear feet of 1" wide 3M Greptile™ grip-enhancing tape in 2-36" strips
  • 1 pair of 3M Greptile™ grip-enhancing gloves
  • 4 alcohol pads for cleaning and surface preparation
Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads
Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

Oregon Aero developed these pain-free knee and elbow pads for the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). Comfy core padding is made up of multiple layers of moisture-wicking polymer fabric. Pads are encased within polyurethane coated nylon packcloth for maximum durability and to repel water. When worn, Oregon Aero knee and elbow pads permit full range of arm and leg motion. Hook-and-loop fastening tape secures pads inside the ACU uniform's pouches. Pads may be hand washed in a solution of mild soap and water. Air dry.

Universal Folding Kneeling Pad
Oregon Aero Universal Folding Kneeling Pad

Suffering from kneeling on the job? Forget about knee pain with Oregon Aero’s Universal Folding Kneeling Pad. Heavy duty design is suitable for military, industrial, law enforcement, and home use. Internal cushion distributes weight evenly to eliminate painful pressure points. Industrial strength outer cover is water resistant and holds up to the toughest jobs. Non-skid strips—on the bottom—prevent the pad from skidding on smooth surfaces. Pad folds up for more compact storage and has handy carry straps for jobs on the go. Pad measures 12” x 24” x 1” unfolded, 12” x 12” x 2” folded. Extra lead time required for orders of large quantities.