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We have temporarily suspended our Full Interior upgrade Service for Certified and Experimental aircraft; however, we are still accepting certified aircraft seat upgrades, experimental aircraft seat cushions and custom cushions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is now considered over, we are now welcoming visitors back into our facility. If you are flying or driving in for a consultation from one of our seat designers, we ask that you please call first to schedule an appointment. This will ensure that we will have someone available to assist you on that day.

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Oregon Aero is the leader in long-duration seating comfort. We design and manufacture seat cushions and complete seat assemblies for OEM, certified, experimental, and homebuilt aircraft as well as land and marine applications. Every branch of the U.S. military uses Oregon Aero seating. Our engineers are committed to providing comfort solutions that are optimized for the specific environment and job requirements. More than 30 years of research and development goes into every seat we build.

In addition to aircraft seating our product line includes portable seat cushions, aviation headset and helmet upgrades, ballistic helmet upgrades, industrial products and more. Oregon Aero products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Oregon Aero, Inc product for any reason, return it to the place of purchase within 30 days of purchase, in good condition, and with the receipt, for a full refund or exchange.