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SoftSeat® Portable Cushion Overview

Oregon Aero SoftSeat with Lumbar Support
Standard SoftSeat Portable Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo

The Ultimate in Comfort! Oregon Aero SoftSeat® Portable Cushions give you maximum comfort seating wherever you happen to be: in your car, aircraft, office, boat, wheelchair, or relaxing on that bench in the park. SoftSeat Portable Cushions are available in different thicknesses and with lumbar support options to match your specific needs. For the most comfort and value we recommend the SoftSeat Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo.

SoftSeat Portable Cushions are built with the same technology and craftsmanship found in our advanced aviation and military seating systems. As with all Oregon Aero products, SoftSeat Portable Cushions are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and made in the U.S.A. by our skilled technicians.

SoftSeat® Features and Benefits

  • The pain and discomfort are gone. Oregon Aero SoftSeat Portable Cushions shift the occupant's hips, pelvis, and back into the most comfortable sitting position.
  • Visco-elastic foam core reacts to body temperature and pressure to maintain blood circulation and eliminate hot spots by distributing the occupant's weight evenly over the entire cushion surface.
  • Stay comfortable for the duration. SoftSeat Portable Cushions minimize lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting.
  • Durable cushions do not compress over time and are equally effective in extreme cold or heat. In cooler weather, the cushion may feel hard at first; however, The cushion warms to your body temperature within a few mintues.
  • Different thickness and lumbar options are available to raise or move the occupant forward.
  • Zippered components are interchangable for a variety of configuration options.
  • Cushion has a convenient carry handle for easy transport.
  • Designed and crafted in the U.S.A. by Oregon Aero.
Oregon Aero SoftSeat Applications

Oregon Aero SoftSeat Portable Cushions are effective in a variety of applications so you can sit comfortably wherever you are.

SoftSeat® Ordering Options Click here to order

There are 5 options to consider before ordering your SoftSeat Portable Cushion: Lumbar, Base Thickness, Anchor, Pilot Cutout, and Color. This guide will help you choose the SoftSeat that is right for you and your application.

For the most comfort and value we recommend the SoftSeat® Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo.

If you have any questions about our SoftSeat Portable Cushions give us a call at 800-888-6910 and one of our friendly customer service represenatives will help you.

Lumbar Options:

Standard Lumbar Support

Standard Lumbar Support: Lumbar Support zippers to any thickness Cushion Base. The Standard lumbar support is included with our Cushion Base/Lumbar Combo packages.

Full Cushion Back

Full Cushion Back: Moves occupant forward and features an adjustable lumbar support. Back zippers to any thickness SoftSeat base. Sewn-in adjustable straps with side release buckles allow the back to be secured to the seat. Full back measures 21" high, 16 1/2" wide, and is 2" thick. This back is not available with base/lumbar combo packages and must be ordered separately.

Base Thickness Options:

SoftSeat base thickness options

The SoftSeat base is available in 3 thicknesses: 1/2", 1", and 2" thick. The 1" cushion base is the standard recommended thickness for most applications. The 1/2" thick base is used where there is limited headroom such as in the cockpit of some aircraft. The 2" cushion base raises the occupant in situations where the existing seat is too low. All 3 base sizes offer the same long-duration seating comfort and benefits.

Base Anchor Options:

Non-skid strips anchor

Non-Skid Strips Anchor: Our most popular option. Two strips of strapping with non-skid rubber are hand sewn to the bottom of the cushion base. These non-skid strips help prevent the cushion base from sliding around on smooth seats.

Straps Anchor

Straps Anchor: A good option if you will always be using your cushion on the same seat. Adjustable straps are hand sewn to the bottom of the cushion and secure with an adjustable buckle and two hook-and-loop fasteners. The Straps Anchor option is not available with Pilot SoftSeat Cutout Cushion Base. See cutout options below.

Cutout Options:

Cushion base without cutout

No Cutout: This is the standard SoftSeat cushion base configuration.

Cushion base with pilot cutout

Cushion base with Pilot Cutout: We call it the Pilot SoftSeat Cushion Base. Special cutout is designed to accommodate aircraft controls and restraint systems. Cushion bases with pilot cutouts have proven themselves effective in both airplanes and helicopters.

Color Options:

The SoftSeat portable cushion is available in 8 standard colors.

SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Black
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Charcoal Gray
Charcoal Gray
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Gray
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Beige
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Brown
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Teal
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Blue
SoftSeat Fabric Sample: Burgundy

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for a comfortable portable seat cushion. I do not need to be raised or moved forward. Headroom is not an issue. Which Cushion Base thickness do I need?

For most users we recommend our standard 1 inch thick cushion.

I have limited headroom where I will be using my SoftSeat. What Cushion Base thickness do I need?

We recommend the 1/2 inch thick Cushion Base for applications where head clearance is a concern.

I wish my seat was a bit higher. What Cushion Base thickness do I need?

We recommend the 2 inch thick Cushion Base if you need to be raised in the seat.

My seat cannot be adjusted forward enough for my needs. Can a SoftSeat help me?

Yes, our full cushion back with adjustable lumbar support shifts the occupant about 2 inches forward. The full cushion back is compatible with all thickness bases. This option is not available in our combo packages and must be ordered separately.

Do I really need to use the lumbar support cushion with the Cushion Base?

After years of using the SoftSeat Cushion/lumbar support and listening to feedback from our customers, we recommend the SoftSeat Portable Cushion Base be used in conjunction with the lumbar support for maximum comfort. This is why we offer the SoftSeat Base/Lumbar Combo packages.

Will the color of the SoftSeat Portable Seat Cushion fabric I select look like it does on the website?

It should be close; however, no two screens are the same. Differences in brightness and even ambient light can affect the way colors appear on your monitor or handheld device. If the exact fabric color is critical give us a call at 800-888-6910 to request a fabric sample.

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Interested in a Custom Look?

Oregon Aero Custom SoftSeats

Oregon Aero can customize your SoftSeat with embroidery and/or leather upholstery. Give us a call at 800-888-6910 to inquire about our custom SoftSeats.