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Ballistic Helmet Upgrades Testimonials

When it comes to safety, our troops deserve the best, and the clear choice for ballistic helmet upgrades is Oregon Aero. Don't take our word for it, listen to what troops in the field have to say about Oregon Aero® Ballistic Helmet Pads.

Goodbye headaches, goodbye distraction!

"I am currently deployed with the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan. What does this mean for me? Endless hours on the rough roads and I will tell you what, the ENTIRE platoon used to get headaches or migraines, numbness, throbbing and just straight up pain when using our ballistic helmets. Then by some miracle we received an entire box of Oregon Aero® helmet pad replacement kits. I tell you now that this is the honest to goodness truth, I was one day away from removing the pads in my helmet and driving without them so I could actually concentrate on the task at hand, 'DRIVING A 68,000 LBS VEHICLE!' The pads we are issued are what feels like solid cardboard and hard plastic wrapped in felt. The pads we received from Oregon Aero are pliable but firm, soft but supportive and they mold to the shape of your head and communications gear. Goodbye headaches, goodbye distraction! The moment I got the new pads I literally ripped my pads out and threw then in the trash...You make a great product and you make our lives so much more comfortable! Appreciate you guys from the front lines!"— DA

Astounding Comfort

"Just got your PASGT helmet upgrade kit. I'm a police officer and have been using a military style PASGT for years. I finally got around to putting in your upgrade kit and I'm astounded at how much more comfortable and stable the helmet is. I feel like I could wear this thing all day now!"— G.B.W.


"...I am requesting a BLSS® Kit for my trip over to the desert. An airman in our shop just came back, and he was raving about the system. I was just issued my helmet the other day and put it on and, needless to say, it was not comfortable at all. Our airman brought his helmet with the [Oregon Aero®] inserts in and made me try it on to see how comfortable it was—and it was amazing!! I didn't even feel like I wanted to take it off right away—it was comfortable! ...I am leaving soon and definitely want your product!!"— 2d Lt. E.K., USAF

Thanks Oregon Aero®!

"...I want to thank you and your company for two things. First, I can't begin to tell you how outstanding your BLSS® Kit suspension pads are. I have many years of Kevlar helmet wear and have tried everything under the sun to make it more comfortable. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes close to the comfort level the BLSS Kit provides. Secondly, I thank you for your support of our troops..."— Sgt. S.H., Army National Guard

I do not have to take it off

"I must say that I cannot overemphasize what a great helmet [pad system you have]! I wear [my helmet] all day with no issues. I do not have to take it off at all. This is the first time in my 30+ years in operations that I can wear a helmet for the duration without agony! Thank you and the team!"— B. D., U.S. Army

Superior Product

"I would like you and your company to know that your product is far superior than anything I have ever used before. When my friend purchased a BLSS® Kit, I wore it for about 5 seconds before I was sold. You make a good piece of gear. Thank you."— Cpl S. C., USMC

I Returned Home Healthy and Alive

"...[On] our 21-day march to Baghdad we lived in those helmets and rarely ever took them off. I was comfortable the whole time and not bothered by the helmet, can't say that for the guys without them ...On the morning of April 8th, 2003, I was standing next to a 7-ton truck in Baghdad when we were attacked by a van that sped past our position. They fired a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) that impacted approximately 1 foot above my head. The concussion was so loud and so great that I was knocked to the ground along with our Corpsman, who also was wearing your helmet liner. We both jumped to our feet and continued in the fight. Later, when the reality of what just happened set in, I began to check myself...and saw my cloth helmet cover was torn and burnt. My ears rang for about 2 days and I had an awful headache, but other than that I was in good shape. I returned home healthy and alive for which I'm grateful. I feel compelled to tell you this because I truly believe without your BLSS® Kit I would have suffered a concussion at the least from that blast...I emphatically believe your product saved me from serious injury...Thank you. Thank you. Please keep doing what you are doing."— Sgt. K.D., USMC

Your Product is Outstanding

"I just received my BLSS® [Kit]. I have never felt such comfort and stability. Your product is outstanding. I hope our military forces adopt this fine system soon. All the 'grunts' will especially appreciate it."— Signed "GRUNT"

A Good Investment

"Before using the BLSS® I would get migraines whenever wearing my helmet for extensive periods of time. As a result of this product I am pleased to say that I have not had one headache. Your product is one of the best investments I have ever made and am happy to say so."— SGT P.D.

Great things for Soldiers

"I was stationed in Iraq for eleven months and wore the BLSS® system during the entire deployment. During my last mission in the country I was involved in a high speed chase to apprehend an individual suspected of terrorist activity in the area. During the chase my driver lost control at high speed and hit a cement culvert head on, causing serious injury to everyone in the vehicle. All of us sustained head injuries. I, however, was the only one in the vehicle who was wearing the [Oregon Aero®] helmet upgrade. My injuries were the least serious and even though I was medevaced out of the area I made it home to my family with my unit. The only reason that I didn't have more serious injury was because of your helmet system. Thank you very much for your product. I'm sure that it has done more great things for soldiers than you know."— Sgt. A.H., Combat Engineer, U.S. Army

No Longer Painful

"I 'inherited' [a BLSS® Kit] from a soldier exiting the military and it has been wonderful to wear. I no longer dread putting on my Kevlar as it is no longer painful."— Sgt. J.S., U.S. Army

Made our Jobs Easier

"I have fallen in love with the comfort and fitting of the BLSS® Kit. I can't forget the smiles on men's and women's faces once they donned their helmet with the BLSS® Kit and no longer had to live with the constant knots and pain throughout the day in Iraq. Your attention to soldiers and their comfort has made our job a lot easier."— D.S., Combat Engineer

I wish I had Known Sooner

"I am an E-4 in the United States Army. About four and a half months ago I purchased your product for the Army Kevlar. It has been the best investment I have made in my three short years in the service. I wish I had known of it sooner. I can wear my kevlar now for seven or eight hours without having to take it off. I used to get headaches from the old band. I haven't gotten one headache from your product... Many men in my company enjoy your product and have the same statements of it."— SPC J.N., C. Co. 4th Eng. Bn., U.S. Army

Most Comfortable Head Gear

"Hi. I recently purchased your [BLSS® Kit]. I must say that is just about the most comfortable head gear I've ever placed on my head. All my headaches will be gone because of your product."— Cpl. C.D., USMC

Like a Pillow

"...I am stationed in Saudi Arabia and ordered one of your BLSS® Kits...I wore my Kevlar all day without even thinking about taking it off! It is sooo comfortable. Usually if you take a break, you take your Kevlar off and lay your head down. Well, I laid my head down with my Kevlar because it was like a pillow. I can't say enough good things about this."— Specialist E.R.

It was magnificent!

"I used the BLSS® Kit during combat operations in Iraq, and it was magnificent! Not once did I have to think about helmet comfort, which is exactly the result desired."— 1st Lt. Price, USMC

Spared me from additional Wounds

"I want to compliment you on the design and performance of your BLSS® Helmet Upgrade Kit. Prior to deploying for Operation Iraqi Freedom, I installed your product in my Kevlar helmet. I was impressed by the comfort of the kit and its performance with mounted NVGs. I was the commanding officer of the Marine Corps artillery battery and frequently led convoys at night. As I led my battery north of An Nasiryha, my vehicle was hit with an RPG. Although I was seriously wounded, losing my right hand, I believe that your helmet liner spared me from additional wounds from the concussion. The blast shattered the dust goggles that were attached to my helmet but I only received one small cut below my ear. As I was evacuated back into Kuwait, corpsmen and other medical personnel kept trying to remove my helmet and give me something softer to rest my head on. Each time they tried I refused because I was more comfortable with your liner system...Your product truly made a difference for me and I would gladly recommend it to my fellow Marines."— Capt. J. R., U. S. Marine Corps

Comfortable Kelvar Helment

"The [BLSS® Kits] are a great comfort to a Marine when they are wearing a Kevlar helmet and working all day in the heat."— SGT D.C., USMC

Comfort in the Field

"The [BLSS®] Kits are a great comfort to a Marine in the field, as the old helmet liners would normally cause headaches and discomfort after prolonged wear."— CO M.B., USMC

Wonderful to Wear

"I want to commend you on a great product you have with the BLSS® Kit Helmet Liner. I 'inherited' one from a soldier exiting the military and it has been wonderful to wear. Though it is very well used, it is still far better than the one I was issued. I no longer dread putting on my Kevlar as it is no longer painful. I swear you put helium in the pads because it feels as if my helmet got lighter. My Battalion Commander recently saw me wearing the BLSS Kit and asked me what it was. After I explained it, he wanted to wear it and see how it felt. Needless to say, I was not willing to give up my helmet without a fight! Luckily, my helmet was a different size but he still was intrigued enough to task me with coming up with two sets for himself and his S4 to evaluate before we purchase them for the rest of the Battalion... Thank you for making such a high quality piece of equipment and God bless us all!"— Sgt. J.S., U. S. Army

Saves Lives

"I'm currently in Iraq. Last Wednesday my vehicle was blown up by an I.E.D. When it hit the truck I was thrown from the vehicle at 45 to 50 mph. I rolled a good 100 feet. Your [BLSS®] Kit system for kevlars saved my life and the other Marines that I was able to help pull out of the burning truck. I walked away with three minor shrapnel wounds to my forehead and back of my neck, and just really sore."— Lt. Cpl. W.H., USMC

Made it Better

"As you can guess, I wear my Kevlar for many hours a day. The comfort of the Oregon Aero® system has been one thing that has made this deployment better."— 1LT C.C., U.S. Army

Much More Comfortable

"The [Oregon Aero®] helmet pad upgrade is wonderful, it makes my Kevlar much more comfortable and also helps keep sweat from running into my eyes as much. This is huge for me since I am not only a 'grunt' but part of the main patrolling effort here in Fallujah. Having my Kevlar on for 8 hours of patrols a day is now much more bearable. Several of my squad mates have tried it on and are now considering ordering one."— LCpl M.M.

Unbelievably Comfortable

"I am writing to thank you for your fantastic ballistic helmet liner system...I deployed...with the 24th MEU...that saw duty all over the globe including combat operations in Iraq. Your helmet liner system was incredible. It was almost a joy to wear the normally uncomfortable Kevlar helmet. Your product made it so unbelievably comfortable. I can't say enough about this great product. Many of my friends now have it also. I let all who ask me about it know how great it is. Once they try it on, they are hooked."— HMC J.P., USN

Prevented a More Serious Injury

"I'm a squad leader and paratrooper with the 824 Security Forces Squadron at Moody AFB GA. I recently had the opportunity to test the BLSS® cushioning system in a most unpleasant way. I was involved in a mid-air collision about 50' above the ground. When that happened our parachutes turned in on each other, collapsed at about 30' above ground and caused us to fall straight down. I did a rear left parachute landing fall and the force of impact caused my head to slap against the ground on the left...I was lightheaded for about 30 minutes and was able to jump again the next day. [I] have no doubt that your system prevented a more serious injury."— TSgt. R.P., USAF

More Productive

"We went on a 13-mile hike and we were the guys on the breaks that left their helmets on! [The BLSS® Kit was] unbelievably comfortable...A head that does not ache makes for a much more productive person."— Sgt. Maj. D.J., USMC

That Liner is Priceless!

"After seven months with my helmet on my head for nearly 24 hours a day, I can truly testify to the comfort of this liner. AMAZING! I was offered upward of three times what I paid for it by Marines tortured by government gear and never took it. That liner is priceless!...I wore it until the day we left [Iraq] and continue to use it here at home in training. Thank you again for the safety and comfort you provide in an extremely rough environment."— Sgt. S.K., USMC

Good Quality Products

"I just want to let you know how much we appreciate your support as well as your products. There will definitely be more orders from our unit for the same item. Thanks for making good quality products we can rely on."— Sgt. T. E., USMC

Everyone Who has One Loves it

Thank you very much for your support. Your BLSS® kits are one of the best pieces of equipment that we have available over here. Everyone who has one loves it. If you could ship a bag of rain or a cool breeze that would complete that package."— Lt. Col. J. K.

The most Comfortable Piece of Gear I have ever Had, Seen, or Worn

"We have to wear our Kevlar helmets each and every time we leave our position to go on a mission [in Iraq]. The first few months [without the Oregon Aero® BLSS® Kit] were absolutely terrible. I started noticing my Marines were getting sweat rashes on their foreheads from the sweatbands of our helmets. Also, when the night vision goggles were adjusted to their helmets to fit their heads, some of the helmets fell down a little making with the weight of the NVG's too heavy for the normal sweatbands...Once [BLSS] Kits started coming in, the Marines were ecstatic while the ease of assembly paid off with no problems whatsoever with their helmets...The Marines' morale went up and I actually started seeing some smiling faces on these young men and women...As a 17-year veteran of the Marines, I can honestly say the helmet pads...are the most comfortable piece of gear I have ever had, seen, or worn."— Gunnery Sergeant A.S., USMC

Great Piece of Gear

"I just received my BLSS® Kit from you guys...I think it is a great piece of gear and I'm going to use it to my fullest. I think every Marine should have this."— Sgt. J. W., USMC

I will Promote it as Much as Possible

"I would like to thank you for sending me your wonderful BLSS® Kit. I was...amazed by how much your product improved the fit of my Kevlar helmet. You really have a quality product and I will promote it as much as possible. Thank you for your time and interest."— PFC A.C., USMC

Far Superior

"I received our BLSS® Kits last week and the platoon now has them all installed...Everyone agreed, that the system is far superior to the other. I also issued out the boot insoles...nice. One Sergeant said to me, 'Only one word can explain the way these insoles feel: "Wow!'"— Sgt. J.C., Military Police Company, U.S. Army

Riding in Style with No Ill Effects

"I am so pleased with your product..It made the experience (deployment to Iraq) that much better. While others on the road complained of head pain and headaches, I was riding in style with no ill effects. I am also a volunteer fireman in my small hometown. Recently, I was involved in a lumber mill fire that lasted for almost eight hours. I began to feel head pain part way into the fire, and by the time we were finishing mop up, I was wishing I had my Kevlar instead!"— 2LT A.B., US Army

More Comfortable and Fitting to Wear

"Your company makes a wonderful product in the BLU® Kit and BLSS® Kit. They made our helmets so much easier, more comfortable and more fitting to wear for extended periods of time..."— T.Q., Delaware National Guard

All Day Long Comfort

"To be honest I thought the pad and sweatband were a little spendy, that was until I had the opportunity to use them for about a week and a half...I don't have a lot of hair and the suspension webbing in the Kevlar [Helmet] induces hot spots rather quickly. After installing the Oregon Aero products I could wear the Kevlar [Helmet] comfortably all day long and cooling properties of the suspension system were not affected."— 2 Lt. K.K., TN Army National Guard

Can't Say Enough Positive Things About it

"Ordered your BLSS® about eight months ago while deployed just outside Baghdad. Love the product!! Honestly can't say enough positive things about it...Thanks again for the best helmet upgrade ever developed."— 1LT A.B., US Army

Feel the Difference in Comfort and Fit

"The BLSS® Kit came in the mail last night and has been installed in my helmet. I can feel the difference in comfort and fit already. I will be telling everyone that wears a helmet for a living about your product."— T.H., USMC

Outstanding Kits

"These [Oregon Aero®] kits are outstanding and I am sure that my Commanding Officer will agree and decide to purchase them for the Marines. Thanks again for your support and great product."— Capt. P.C., USMC

Best Purchace I Have Ever Made

"I was deployed to Iraq during combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I know there are many military members using your product, but I must say it is the best purchase I have ever made! I have had the system for almost two years, and it has been awesome! Through countless hours of training, convoy operations and recent combat, it really made life in those situations much more comfortable."— Cpl. N.R., USMC