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ShockBlockers® Insole Inserts

Oregon Aero ShockBlockers

ShockBlockers combine state-of-the-art designs and materials into superior anti-shock insole inserts. Our patented inserts were originally developed for the U.S. military and reduce feet and joint shock for anyone walking, running, or standing. Oregon Aero ShockBlockers are available with 3 different levels of impact absorption. The right ShockBlockers for you depends on body weight and application.

Oregon Aero ShockBlockers absorb more shock than any other insole. Inserts are made using our own Visco-Kinetic™ material. In side-by-side drop weight test, Visco-Kinetic material absorbed more shock than vinyl sponge material, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, and latex foams. More shock absorption means less wear to your feet and joints. For more information see ShockBlockers Testing and Performance

In addition to shock blocking properties, Oregon Aero ShockBlockers feature a proprietary top layer of low-friction, high-wicking fabric. The top fabric's exceptional wicking properties moves moisture and perspiration away from your feet keeping them dry and cool. This unique fabric has passed the 100,000 double rub test and is thermally bonded to the Visco-Kinetic base.

ShockBlockers Inserts are ideal for: Golfers, Hikers, Runners, Basketball Players, Firefighters, Nurses, Police Officers, Construction Workers, Postal Workers, Factory Workers, Retail Workers, Teachers, Anyone who is on their Feet for Extended Periods.

ShockBlockers Work/Sport Insole Inserts (Most Popular Option)

Oregon Aero ShockBlockers Work Sport Insole Insert

Recommended for people with active lifestyles and for anyone who engages in high-impact sports activities. These dual layer, 3/16 inch thick insole inserts reduce shock to your feet and joints while keeping your feet cool and dry. ShockBlockers inserts retain their shape and can be trimmed with scissors to the exact fit. Our work/sport inserts are great for walking, running, and hold up to the most demanding aerobic activities. Inserts fit most footwear and can be used with or without the shoes' existing insoles. People weighing less than 130 pounds may prefer our ShockBlockers Light Insole Inserts as they are designed to conform to a lighter person's feet. Complete instructions included.


ShockBlockers Light Insole Inserts

Oregon Aero ShockBlockers Light Insole Insert

The stiffness ratio in our ShockBlockers Light inserts conforms to a lighter person's feet. Light ShockBlockers Light are generally for people weighing 130 pounds or less; however, they are sometimes preferred by others who are less active. Regardless of your weight, if you engage in high-impact activities choose our Work/Sport inserts instead.

Dual layer, 3/16 inch thick insole inserts reduce shock to your feet and joints while keeping your feet cool and dry. ShockBlockers inserts retain their shape and can be trimmed with scissors to the exact fit. Oregon Aero ShockBlockers Light are good for walking or standing for extended periods of time. Inserts fit most footwear and can be used with or without the shoes' existing insoles. Complete instructions included.


ShockBlockers Deluxe Insole Inserts

Oregon Aero ShockBlockers Deluxe Insole Insert

Designed for feet seeking extra special care. If you have a foot injury or other foot related medical condition, please consult your health care provider before using these inserts. Extra Care Inserts are effective for walking, but not recommended for running or long-term standing. Inserts are 5/16 inch thick and feature 2 layers of our Visco-Kinetic material. One layer is soft and conforming and the other layer is firmer for shock absorption. Due to the extra thickness, Extra Care Insole Inserts require footwear with sufficient room. Users should try these inserts in new footwear before purchasing the footwear. ShockBlockers Extra Care can be trimmed to the exact fit with scissors. Complete instructions included.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your ShockBlockers Insole Inserts

  1. Test fit your Visco-Kinetic ShockBlockers Insole Inserts in your shoes before trimming. If adjustments are necessary, you can use your shoe's original insoles or the included trimming guide as a template for sizing. Mark your ShockBlockers Inserts to size with a ballpoint pen and trim them to size with a pair of scissors.

    Note: ShockBlockers Insole Inserts can be used with or without the shoes' original insoles; whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference.

  2. Your ShockBlockers Insole Inserts must fill the shoe foot bed without cramping your toes. The insert should fill the bed of your shoe from toe to heel. Check to be sure your heel has minimal slippage and your toes have adequate room — too much space can cause your feet to slide around inside the shoe. Insole inserts should fit snug and not have bends or wrinkles.

  3. After inserting your ShockBlockers Insole Inserts into your shoes, go for a walk or take a jog. Pay attention to how your feet feel. You should not feel any pressure points or pinches on your feet — especially around your small toes. If you do feel pressure points or discomfort, try a wider shoe or the next larger shoe size.

  4. During the course of a day your feet can swell and enlarge somewhat. Because of this, we recommend you first try your ShockBlockers Insole Inserts later in the day while wearing your usual socks.

ShockBlockers are manufactured without the use of plasticizers. Because of this, ShockBlockers will not shrink, become brittle, or crack over time. Also, Oregon Aero's Visco-Kinetic material will not bottom out or become deformed after prolonged use. Users of ShockBlockers enjoy maximum shock absorption and comfort for the life of their shoes.

Oregon Aero guarantees its products provide comfortable, long-term use when properly cared for. If you are not satisfied, return the product to the place of purchase within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price. Product must be in good condition and you must present your receipt. Guarantee does not include misuse of ShockBlockers Insole Inserts such as, but not limited to, putting them through a washer and/or dryer, trimming errors, and natural wear and tear. Shipping costs are non-refundable.