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Seating Systems Overview

Comfortable - Crashworthy - Adaptable to Multiple Applications

Oregon Aero Seating Systems Overview
Oregon Aero makes precision-engineered seating systems for Certified Aircraft, Certified Helicopters, Military Aircraft, Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft, Land Vehicles, and Marine applications.

Individual, Aftermarket and OEM Seating

Oregon Aero Seating Systems are precision-engineered and manufactured for comfort, job performance, and safety.*

Oregon Aero VK SmartCushion™ Systems and High-G® Seat Assemblies are backed by more than 25 years of experience, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Each VK SmartCushion System and High-G Seat Assembly is designed for the specific cockpit and/or application. Oregon Aero engineering goes beyond the seat, taking into account variables of space, interface, and specific customer requirements.

The Oregon Aero High-G Seat includes a VK SmartCushion, seat frame, seat pan, and operating mechanisms. VK SmartCushion Systems and High-G Seat Assemblies are available for airframe manufacturers, private aircraft, land vehicles, marine craft, and other applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum comfort for every occupant
  • Shifts hips, pelvis and back into the pain-free position
  • Minimizes lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting
  • Reduces fatigue for better concentration and focus
  • Helps maintain leg circulation during long flights
  • Eliminate distractions caused by seat pain and discomfort
  • Improves crew endurance for missions that go into overtime
  • Cushions conform to the individual occupant’s shape
  • Engineered for the specific purpose and environment
  • Can be customized to suit specific needs
  • Equally effective in cold or warm temperatures
  • Durable cushions resist deformation over time
  • Meets all applicable FAA requirements and regulations
  • Backed by more than 25 years of experience
  • Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Seating Innovation: Our History, Our Continued Passion

Oregon Aero Seating Innovation

As early as 1990, innovation drove our efforts to solve the problems of seat pain and discomfort. Because of these efforts, we offer safer, pain-free seating for a multitude of applications. Constant innovation led us beyond the design and manufacture of seat cushions, to manufacturing entire seat assemblies. Oregon Aero seat assemblies include the seat cushions, seat frame, seat pan, and operating mechanisms. Oregon Aero has also devised modular seating designs that are adaptable to whatever environmental and functional requirements are needed. Innovation empowers us to address issues, solve problems, and think beyond what our customers may ask — or expect — from us. Oregon Aero's commitment to innovation has resulted in comfortable, crashworthy, and adaptable seating that is deeply rooted into our history and continues to be our passion.

Design and Materials Solve Multiple Problems

How can Oregon Aero offer the most comfortable seat in the industry?

Oregon Aero seat designs shift the occupant's hips, pelvis, lumbar, and upper body into the proper, pain-free sitting position. The proper sitting position permits the body to remain erect without effort, reducing fatigue and pain.

Oregon Aero Seating support occupants evenly over the cushion surface preventing ischemia, a condition commonly referred to as "hot spots." Our visco-elastic cushion materials adjust with body temperature and pressure permitting unrestricted blood flow. Oregon Aero cushions conform to the shape of the occupant.

Design and Materials Solve Multiple Problems

"It sounds simple — to make a comfortable seat — but if it were, it would have been done long before we achieved it," says Mike Dennis, Founder, President, and CEO of Oregon Aero. "Each problem that prevents comfortable seating may be a small problem, but they all add up to create a big problem — pain — and they all need to be solved at the same time. When one problem is solved, another is created or amplified; that’s the way the engineering process works. But add to this the sensitivity of the human body to being in contact with manufactured hardware, and the engineering challenge becomes even greater. We are experts in addressing that human body/equipment interface."

* Oregon Aero, Inc. conducts dynamic seat testing per the emergency landing conditions promulgated by the FAA in 1988 to improve the crashworthy performance of aircraft seating. Compliance with these FAA regulations by Oregon Aero®™SM product does not ensure freedom from injury or death as a result of aircraft accidents, hard landings or other flight conditions.

VK SmartCushion™ Systems FAQ

How does Oregon Aero upgrade an aircraft seat?

Oregon Aero upgrades every seat by hand. Our technicians strip the seat to the frame, inspect for damage, and arrange for any necessary repairs. If necessary we clean and paint the frame and install a new webbing system if required. We then build new seat cushions layer by layer. Your upgraded seat cushions are made using multiple materials, including many individually shaped pieces of visco-elastic foam. Our process enables us to custom taylor seats for maximum comfort and ensure they fit each individual aircraft properly.

How are you able to provide a seat cushion upgrade that’s customized for my aircraft and for me?

We have more than 25 years experience engineering, testing, certifying and manufacturing advanced seating systems. Our seat cushions are designed for the specific cockpit environment. Our design engineers take into account variables of space, interface locations, and specific customer requirements. Oregon Aero seat cushions shift the hips, pelvis and back into the comfortable sitting position for maximum comfort and endurance.

Do you re-upholster the upgraded seat?

We provide custom upholstery in Fabric, Leather, Leather & Fabric, Leather & Sheepskin, and Fabric & Sheepskin. We also provide custom interior services.

Can my existing upholstery be used on my seat upgrade?

We do not re-install existing upholstery.

How long will it take for you to upgrade my seat?

Talk to us about this when you call for an appointment. The length of time a seat remains at Oregon Aero depends on the type of work being done and our existing workload.

How do I arrange to have my seat upgraded?

Call Oregon Aero’s seat department at 888-888-6910 and make an appointment. Then bring your seat to us or ship the seat via UPS, FedEx or truck freight.

Should I disassemble my seat when I send it to you?

No! Regardless of the condition, we prefer that the upholstery and foam are intact when the seat arrives. Having the seat intact helps as we plan the upgrade. You may separate the back and bottom to make shipping easier if necessary.

Can I stop by your facility in Scappoose with my seat and talk to you about the upgrade?

Yes, we welcome customer visits to Oregon Aero. We do ask that you notify us in advance of your visit so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time for your needs. To schedule your visit, call 800-888-6910.

Can I fly to Oregon Aero and wait while you upgrade my seat?

Please call us at 800-888-6910 to discuss this option.

Should I get the VK SmartCushion Upgrade or buy Oregon Aero Portable Cushions?

There are advantages to both. An upgraded seat is always ready, can be more customized, and provides the optimal level of comfort. Portable cushions also provide comfortable seating and can be advantagious if you need to be raised or shifted forward in your existing seat. Portable Cushions can be moved easily from aircraft to aircraft and be used on other seating surfaces. Many of our customers have both an upgraded seating and Portable Cushions. Before making a final decision, call us at 800-888-6910 to discuss your specific needs.

Do you provide other aircraft interior services?

Yes. We offer complete Aircraft Interior Upgrades, including: Side Panel Recovering, Carpet Replacement, Glare Shield Cover Replacement, Seat Belt & Webbing Replacement, Custom Leather & Fabric Upholstery, General Corrosion and Repair,* Cable Inspection & Repair* and Window Replacement.* Design consulting services are free.

(*Provided through an affiliated Repair Station #U9AR750Y, located conveniently across the tarmac from Oregon Aero’s Scappoose, OR headquarters at the Scappose Airport.)

Are your seating systems FAA-compliant?

Yes. Oregon Aero Seating complies with all applicable FAA regulations.