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Military Headset Upgrade Kits

David Clark Headset with Oregon Aero Upgrades
David Clark Aviation Headset with an Oregon Aero Upgrade Kit installed.

Locate your brand/model headset in the table below. Click on your headset model to view/purchase an upgrade kit or individual components. If you do not see your headset listed here we may still have upgrades for it. Give us a call at 800-888-6910 for further assistance.

Brand Model
n/a Cranial Non-Com Navy Type
n/a Cranial Com Navy Type
n/a Old Style(Kidney Bean Shape)
Acousticom Military
AstroCom Military
David Clark Clone
Atlantic Atlantic
Bose® Headset X, A20
David Clark H-133C, AIC
H10-76XL, H10-76XP
FlightCom E-13 ANR
Marv Golden MG-76 Military