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ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner

Measuring for your ZetaLiner Helmet Liner

The Oregon Aero ZetaLiner® was designed for maximum comfort, protection, and helmet stability. Self-wicking outer fabric dissipates perspiration keeping your head cooler and drier. The ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is easy to fit, install, maintain, and is equally effective while wearing Night Vision or other externally mounted equipment.

Step 1: Choose Your ZetaLiner Liner Length

Use this guide and the tables below to determine which size ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is right for you. Measure the inside of your helmet from front to back—down through the bowl—as shown in the photo. Make a note of this measurement, then follow Step 2 to determine the liner thickness you need.

Step 2: Choose Your ZetaLiner Thickness

The ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is available in four thicknesses: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8". The most common thickness we sell is 3/8". To determine the correct thickness liner for your helmet, refer to the thickness table below.

NOTE: If your TPL® (Thermo Plastic Liner) has been heated and fitted, you will probably need a ZetaLiner Helmet Liner one thickness thinner than listed below.

ZetaLiner Helmet Liner Thickness Table

If your TPL Liner Has... ...Then try a
2 Layers 1/4" Liner
3 Layers 3/8" Liner
4-5 Layers 1/2" Liner
5+ Layers 5/8" Liner

Once you have found the length and thickness you need can be selected from the ZetaLiner Size tables below.

The sizing charts on this page are intended to suggest a starting point for the fitting process. Each individual should be fitted for comfort and stability. Oregon Aero is committed to helping you select the proper ZetaLiner Helmet Liner. If you have any questions call us at 800-888-6910.

ZetaLiner Size Tables(Click the part # to order)

12" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95122A NSN 8475-01-472-3318
3/8" Thick #95123A NSN 8475-01-472-3774
1/2" Thick #95124A NSN 8475-01-472-3319
5/8" Thick #95125A NSN 8475-01-472-3321
13" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95132A NSN 8475-01-472-3776
3/8" Thick #95133A NSN 8475-01-472-3320
1/2" Thick #95134A NSN 8475-01-472-3323
5/8" Thick #95135A NSN 8475-01-472-3777
14" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95142A NSN 8475-01-472-3322
3/8" Thick #95143A NSN 8475-01-472-3324
1/2" Thick #95144A NSN 8475-01-472-3779
5/8" Thick #95145A NSN 8475-01-472-3326
15" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95152A NSN 8475-01-472-3325
3/8" Thick #95153A NSN 8475-01-472-3780
1/2" Thick #95154A NSN 8475-01-472-3327
5/8" Thick #95155A NSN 8475-01-472-3770
16" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95162A NSN 8475-01-472-3781
3/8" Thick #95163A NSN 8475-01-472-3773
1/2" Thick #95164A NSN 8475-01-472-3775
5/8" Thick #95165A NSN 8475-01-472-3783
17" Styroliner (Internal Measurement front to back)
1/4" Thick #95172A n/a
3/8" Thick #95173A n/a
1/2" Thick #95174A NSN 8415-01-573-3935
5/8" Thick #95175A NSN 8415-01-581-2154
Oregon Aero Zetaliner Installation
The Oregon Aero® ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner being installed.
Oregon Aero ZetaLiner Helmet Liner

Easy Installation and Care

Your Oregon Aero ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is installed in 5 easy steps using hook/loop fasteners. Complete instructions are included with the liner. If you would like to see how easy the ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is to install you can Click here to download installation instructions in PDF format.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash your ZetaLiner with mild soap and rinse thoroughly. To dry, place your helmet liner flat on a large towel. Fold the towel over to cover liner. Use a rolling pin or similar object to squeegee out the excess water. Do not wring liner. Hang liner to air dry in a warm place or in front of a fan. Unless conditions are humid, your liner should dry overnight.

ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner Standard in JHMCS Helmet

Oregon Aero ZetaLiner is standard in JHMCS helmet

The Oregon Aero ZetaLiner Helmet Liner is standard equipment in the U.S. Air Force and Navy Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System helmet. The helmet’s computer electronics cueing system enables pilots to target objects outside their normal visual range.

The ZetaLiner stabilizes the helmet and provides significant noise reduction. Pilots enjoy pain-free flying and a lighter weight helmet system.

Here's what pilots had to say after using the JHMCS helmet equipped with the Oregon Aero ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner and SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo.

“Incredible sweat absorption properties...the wicking properties of the ZetaLiner® (Liner) eliminated nearly all sweat beads from rolling into my eyes under G’s.”

“The extraneous noise damping properties of the ear cups were incredible.”

“I could tell my (helmet) shell was not sliding around my head as I cranked my neck around to check six like it usually does.”

“Quick and easy installation/modification time. My PR learned in one hour how to do the mod and completed one on his own in 15 minutes from start to finish.”

“The Oregon Aero® ZetaLiner® (Helmet Liner) and Ear Cups may be one of the best ‘finds’ of this program.”

“I am not feeling the weight at all, not feeling a tug trying to rotate my head….I don’t even notice it’s on (during high performance, high-G maneuvers).”

“I experienced no fatigue, neck pain, loss of mobility, or change in G-tolerance while wearing the helmet.”

“Voice warnings were much louder and clearer, and the aircraft was much quieter. All this…and less weight, too.”