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Certified Fixed Wing Aircraft

Certified Fixed Wing Seat Cushion Systems
VK SmartCushion™ Upgrade Systems. Seat Cushion Upgrades for certified aircraft are completed through Oregon Aero’s FAA-approved Repair Station.

Oregon Aero provides seat upgrades for certified aircraft and complete assemblies to OEMs. Oregon Aero seating provides maximum comfort for improved air crew focus and endurance regardless of the flight duration. Custom upholstery and embroidery options are available.

All certified seat upgrades are done through our FAA approved repair station. Click Here to learn how we can upgrade the seating in your aircraft.

Oregon Aero has more than 25 years experience engineering, testing, certifying, and manufacturing advanced seating systems. Our seat cushions are designed for the specific cockpit environment. Our design engineers take into account variables of space, interface locations, and specific customer/mission requirements. Oregon Aero seat cushions shift the hips, pelvis, and back into the most comfortable sitting position. In addition to advanced seating systems, we also offer complete interior upgrade services.

Oregon Aero Seating Certified Aircraft
Oregon Aero Seat Cushion Systems for Certified Aircraft: Piper PA-46, Maule, Cessna 310, and Cessna 172.
Oregon Aero seating and seat upgrades comply with all applicable FAA regulations and requirements