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Humvee Seat Cushion System

The Oregon Aero Seat Cushion System for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV — HUMVEE® Vehicle) is energy-absorbing, pain-free, and durable. Users consistently give the cushions top evaluations.

The front passenger seat cushion features an internal thermal barrier and external foil-faced reflector to keep heat from the battery box out of the seat cushion and away from the passenger.

Here's what a 27-year military officer had to say about the Oregon Aero Seat Cushion Systems for the HMMWV seats after a two-week evaluation:

"We did a 477 mile convoy, approximately 18 hours each way, with only scheduled ten minute breaks and one 60-minute halt for fuel and chow. During this time I had no discomfort from the Oregon Aero® (Seat Cushions). They remained secure in place, they provide good cushioning and did not develop any hot spots. The seats are very good in wet weather. After a rain, I would wipe off the excess water and the seats would dry in minutes. The issued seats would have stayed wet for hours. My driver and various other passengers all had very positive comments." — LTC C.N.S., Kentucky National Guard

Humvee Drivers Seat Cushion System
Humvee Front Passenger Seat Cushion System
Humvee Rear Passenger Seat Cushion System