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Civilian Alpha Aviation Helmet Upgrades

SoftSeal/HushKit Combo for Apha Eagle

Combo includes: SoftSeal® Ear Cushions, and the HushKit® Passisve Noise Attenuation.

Note: Does your helmet have removable plastic cups held in by Velcro or the non removable ones attached by straps?

   If you do have removable cups held in with Velcro, then order part #28118

   If you have the plastic cups held in by strapping order parts #20002 & #92050

Additional Components

Note: Choose the appropriate MicMuff® Microphone Cover for your helmet. If you have a dynamic microphone element choose #90010. For an electret element choose #90015. For a military dynamic (M-87) element choose #90020. If you are not sure, give us a call.

ZetaLiner Helmet Liner

ZetaLiner® Helmet Liner. Go to Sizing Page

Replacement Components