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Ballistic Helmet Testing

Shock Loads Reduced
Helmet impact test conducted by two independent, certified laboratories to modified 49 CFR 571.218 per U.S. military instructions. The Abbreviated Injury Scale(AIS) is an anatomical scoring system first introduced in 1969. Since then, it has been revised and updated against survival so that it now provides a reasonably accurate way of ranking the severity of injury. The latest incarnation of the AIS score is the 1990 revision. The AIS is monitored by a scaling committee of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.
Oregon Aero's ballistic helmet pads provide superior shock absorption, are pain-free, moisture- and waterproof, gas and air permeable, self-wicking, and positively buoyant. Our patented pads were originally developed for the U.S. Army Special Operation MICH helmet.

Positively Buoyant

Oregon Aero Helmet Pad Buoyancy Testing

Ballistic helmets with Oregon Aero liner pads are positively buoyant, giving them the ability to float in amphibious and water-fording situations.

In this test all stock components and Oregon Aero upgrades were weighed and charted separately. The assembled helmets were submerged in fresh water and tested side-by-side. The Oregon Aero upgraded helmet proved positively buoyant and remained afloat while the non-upgraded helmet sank to the bottom.

Standard PASGT vs PASGT w/Oregon Aero BLSS® Kit
ComponentWeight Lb + OzBuoyancy Lb + Oz
PASGT Shell M 3 Lb 1.3 Oz
PASGT Shell L 3 Lb 3.7 Oz Negative 12.7 Oz
PASGT Shell XL 3 Lb 15 Oz
PASGT Suspension/Harness 4.2 Oz
BLSS Harness 4.2 Oz
BLU Kit #4 3.8 Oz Positive 1 Lb 2.3 Oz
BLU Kit #6 5.2 Oz Positive 1 Lb 9.1 Oz
BLU Kit #8 6 Oz Positive 1 Lb 12.7 Oz
Standard PASGT Large 3 Lb 7.9 Oz Negative 12.7 Oz
PASGT w/BLSS Kit Large 3 Lb 11.7 Oz to 13.9 Oz Positive 5.4 to 16 Oz

Additional Testing

The Oregon Aero BLSS® kit padding has been subjected to and passed testing in the following conditions:

  • Twelve hour submersion under 66 feet of saltwater
  • Exposure to fuels, oils, insect repellent, and camouflage face paint
  • Proved to be compatible with gas mask and night vision goggles
  • Holds up in extreme temperatures: -60°F to +160°F

What's inside the pads?

Oval Pad Foam Layers

Oregon Aero ballistic helmet pads have two layers of Visco-Elastic foam. The blue layer rests against the helmet and provides a firm foundation for impact protection. The pink layer faces the wearer and is more supple. This layer conforms to your contours for a snug and comfortable fit. The Helmet Cushioning Pad Core Pink and Blue Edge Color pads are coated with our proprietary moisture and waterproof yet gas permeable coating.

What Looks Simple—Isn't

27 Separate Manufacturing Steps

Some Oregon Aero products look simple, but in reality undergo complex research, design, and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing the patented Oregon Aero Ballistic Helmet Liner Pads requires precision engineering of multiple components. In fact, each visco-elastic pad we produce requires 55 individual components and 27 manufacturing steps.

Drums are loaded and materials are mixed to create the proprietary coating applied to each helmet liner pad. This patented coating makes Oregon Aero Helmet pads waterproof and positively buoyant.